Repairs to NC 12 in Kitty Hawk almost finished

Repairs are almost complete on a section of N.C. 12 and dune line in Kitty Hawk that were washed out by a series of storms in October.

Jennifer Heiss, spokesperson for the N.C. Department of Transportation, said Monday the road could be open to traffic in a few days, and that only final paving and striping were left to complete.

A $412,933 contract has been awarded to Waff Contracting Inc. of Edenton for the project, which was originialy scheduled to be finished by the middle of December.



North Virginia Dare Trail has been closed between Kitty Hawk Road and Lillian Street in the milepost 4 area since Oct. 5 after a lingering coastal storm and heavy surf from distant Hurricane Joaquin wiped out 700 feet of dunes and the pavement collapsed.

Crews have reconstructed the dune by installing sandbags 8 feet below the edge of pavement and covering them with sand. All told, 375 sandbags, each 10 feet long, were put into place.

The new dune connects with a sandbag dune constructed earlier this summer and another one 200 feet to the north that was built using sandbags in 2003 and extended in 2004 after Hurricane Isabel.

Crews have installed new sand fencing at the top of the dune. Sea grass will be planted in the spring.


source: Sam Walker, Outer Banks Voice


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