Snow & icy roads on the OBX

Winter brushed the Outer Banks with light snow overnight, and the National Weather Service has issued a weather advisory for icy roads in Dare County until later this morning.

Dare County Schools initially delayed opening for two hours, then decided to close for the day.


A few more flurries are forecast for this morning before temperatures  rise out of the high 20s. But the rest of the day won’t get a whole lot warmer. The sun is expected to come back out with highs reaching about 39 degrees.

North wind will be 22 to 29 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph. The wind chill will be as low as 15 degrees.

The worst of the snow and ice snow was along the coast and north of Oregon Inlet.

A warming trend will start Wednesday under sunny skies and high temperatures near 53. Thursday and Friday will see temperatures reaching 60 degrees with chances of rain increasing into Saturday.

source: Rob Morris, Outer Banks Voice


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